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Little Gardener's Pinafore Dress

Since I became a mom, I turn my creative energy to creating for my daghter. In my limited crafty time I like making original garmets and toys for her. I believe by creating with our hands we pour energy into each item and bring more love to the relationship with the recipient.
I knitted a yellow pinafore dress back in May using an interesting textured stitch pattern paired with thick yarn. Than I wrote down the pattern in five sizes from 3 mo to 2 yo.
I recommend it for knitters at intermediate level, since the unique stitch pattern might be challenging for newbies. The pattern is tech edited and tested by wonderful Ravelry users. For the samples I used cotton yarn because it was made in May, but it will nicely work with worsted weight wool yarn. The smallest size use up just four skeins, so it is really quick to make.   This pink one was made as a gift for my photographer cousin. This is 3mo size, but she uses for newborn photgraphy (of course not for tiny babies).  So, and I also ha…
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Pug Brooch {Free Pattern}

Who can resist to pugs? They are charming, super social, playful and loving dogs who follow their human everywhere and friendly with strangers too.  I wanted to come up with a pug-themed crochet or knitting pattern from a while, so now I designed this brooch for all pug-lovers out there. It is a simple amigurumi project using basic stitches,  assembly might be the trickiest part of making it. Today is I Love Yarn Day, wishing you happy yarning with this free pattern!

Materials and tools:
Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca: #302 Camel Beige, #506 Dark Grey (approx. 22 yrds [20 meters] from each) US size 1 1/2  [2.5 mm] hook2 safety eyes with 3/16” [0.5 cm] diameterfiberfillyarn needlebrooch baseGauge / finished size: 2” (5 cm) diameter (not a gauge critical project)

Skill level: intermediate

Pattern note: For personal use only!


Work in continous rounds.
Magic ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 1 and make 6 sc in the ring. (6)
Rnd 2: *2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next st, 3 sc in next st;…

Giveaway: Hearts and Cupcakes Hat Pattern

Summer is finally here in Europe, but for a knitter knitting season never ends.

I have already presented my latest design for you. It is the bright Hearts and Cupcakes Girls' Hat pattern. The hat comes in 4 sizes, from 6mo up to pre-teen size, it is tech-edited and tested by wonderful knitters. // Don't forget to take a look at the Ravely project pages.  

Although stranded colorwork usually used for winter garmets, paired with cotton-blend yarn, it might be wearable in colder spring/summer days.  The color variations are endless, since my baby will grow out this size in a few month, I am going to knit the bigger one in candy colors chosing neutral for the main color.  Now, it is time to give away a few patterns for you. There will be 3 lucky winners who get the pattern. All you need is a Ravelry account to participate. How to enter? 1. Add Hearts and Cupcakes Hat pattern to your favourites on Ravelry.*
// Pattern link. // 2. Leave a comment below with your Ravelry user name. 

Cat in Purple Dress

I really miss Ginny's weekly Yarn Along, it pushed me to show what I am working on. Since she stopped it, I haven't written any WIP posts although I finished lot of knitting and crochet projects lately. Making things in baby size or toys for a baby is much more quicker than shawls and cardigans I had been working on before my baby arrived. So in these busy crafty weeks I've released a new knitting pattern and currently running a test for a baby dress.
And now, I have a new toy to show you. This time I haven't followed any pattern, this cat just came out of my head. I used Garnstudio DROPS Cotton Light and 3.5 mm crochet hooks. It took about 4 hours to complete. She is 25 cm tall. 
Joining to Annemarie's weekly crochet party.

> Do you like knitting? Have you seen my Hearts and Cupcakes Hat? Currently running a giveaway, where the luckiest 3 will receive the pattern! <

Hearts & Cupcakes Girls' Hat

I have realized that I haven't came out with any new pattern from more than three years! One of my new years resolution was to write a baby pattern this year. And now I designed my very first stranded hat in four sizes (baby, toddler, small child, child/preteen).
When I knitted this beanie, it didn't intend to be published, but since I was thinking a lot about restart desinging again and this one got many compliments, I wrote the pattern. Since I have never written stranded pattern in more sizes before, I asked a tech editor to help me with this one. After the edit, as always, it was testknitted. It is always enjoyable to see what others create with my patterns.  I used cotton-blend yarn for this hat, since it was made for Spring. I think, the cotton works really great in stranded colorwork, but less stretchy than wool (especially merino). The instructions are available in four sizes (from 17.5"/44 cm to 21.5"/ 54 cm head circumfence).  Well, I am really proud about…

Call for Testknitters!

During past weeks I was working on a new pattern. I knitted a beanie for my baby girl and resized it for bigger children. I would like to publish soon, but the first step is to get it tested.
Hearts and Cupcakes is a girly hat featuring a really sweet theme. The stranded pattern is simple and easy to follow, uses only two strands at one time.  I designed it for my baby girl and resized it for bigger children: /size 1: 6-15mo /17-18” 43-45 cm head /•size 2: 1-2 yo /18-18.5” 46-47 cm head /• size 3: 2-3 yo /19-19.5” 47,5-49 cm head /• size 4: 4-10 yo / 20-20.5” 50-52 cm head 
Now, I am calling for test knitters in Ravelry Free Pattern Testers Group. FTP Group is a fantastic place for designers to get talented yarnies to make their designs, and it is a great opportunity for crafters to get round to next trends before everyone else. I am looking for one tester for each size. If you would like to join the group and try my pattern, visit the thread and apply there.

Wishing you a nice week!

Top 6 Things I Learned from my Knitting Mistakes {Part 2}

In my previous post I started to analyze my knitting mistakes hoping there is somebody who may learn from my faults. Some of you wrote that you'd recognized yourselves in the sentences. So after the less despererating three, now I am coming with the three worst errors I have ever made (or still making).

3. Measure twice, cut one - Yes, again, because this one must be considered in every aspects

Project: Summer Hobo Bag Mistake: did not calculate yarn requirements
Okay, this one must be included in my daily meditation: 'measure twice, cut once, measure twice, cut one... ommm'  UsuallyI am so excited when something new is coming that I am not able to 'waste' the time for a gauge, I just grab my hook or needles and jump into. Otherwise when I work with a familiar yarn, this bad habit doesn't happen to be that big problem. If I had to give only one advice to a beginner knitter, I would say always make a swatch. Swatching is so essential in knitting. It is much more tha…